Friday, October 3, 2014

Malay St Heritage Shophouse Concrete Floor

A concrete floor heritage shophouse on Malay St is for sale at RM780K and for rent at RM1600 per month. The house was renovated and no original feature preserved. Land area about 450sf.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Off Mcnair Street Bad Conditioned Heritage House For Rent

Bad conditioned, suitable for store, hostel for workers. Land area about 960sf, 2 storey terrace. Rental asking RM1000 per month.

(Above) Hall view

(Above) Kitchen

(Above) Bathroom

(Above) Stair case
(Above and below) Rooms on upstairs

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Love Lane Heritage Shophouse For Sale

An original condition heritage shophouse on Love Lane is in the market at RM2.2Mil, land area about 1092sf. No further detail available yet, please contact for viewing.

Chulia Street Heritage Shophose Ground Floor Shoplot For Rent

Ground floor shoplot on Chulia St is available for rent at RM4000 per month. Good condition and currently still occupied. Land area about 1870sf.  No front view available as currently occupied. Please call for visit.
(Above) Back side of the shop

(Above) Toilet and bathroom on ground floor

Chulia Street 3 Adjoining Heritage Shophouse For Sale

A 3 adjoining shophouse on Chulia St junction of Jalan Kapitan Keling is available for sale in the market at RM3.3Mil. Total land area 1092sf. Selling with tenancy.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pangkor Road Heritage Bungalow For Rent

A heritage detached house on Pangkor Road (Out of heritage zone) is in the market for rent. Land area about 9500, suitable for commercial use. Rental asking RM25K per month. More detail to be added soon.

(Above and below) Ground floor view

(Above and below) Upper floor

(Above) Roof view from 1st floor back room

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Armenian Street 3 Storey Heritage Shophouse For Sale And For Rent

A 3 storey heritage shophouse on Armenian St is available for sale at RM4.5Mil and for rent at RM10K per month. Land area about 2200sf, some part like bathroom and rooms were renovated to suit modern living condition. However, major feature like stair case and facade still in good condition. Worth to mention the spiral staircase in the middle is intact, 2 court yard still looking good.

(Above) Court yard

(Above and below) Spiral stair case

(Above and below) Some of the rooms

(Above) Drying area at the back

(Above) Modern bathroom